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Sensory Design

We experience the world through all the senses.  You know about the sensory tricks of using the aroma of bread and coffee to sell food.  We work with a multitude of ‘sensory tricks and triggers, many of which are invisible, to capture potential.

The synergy of the senses working together has considerable potential in business environments.  Multi rather than single sense experiences are more stimulating and memorable and have a  positive impact on our behaviour when designed by experts.      We enlighten our clients to the impact of multi-sensory environments, particularly as they stimulate our ‘purchasing hormones’.

We aim to naturally stimulate a sensory balance in our designs and consultancy.  Our surroundings should not confuse, but support and inspire.  Subtle sensual stimuli can have dramatic effects on our behaviour.  A multisensory boost makes us more productive, reduces stress, heals our bodies and minds and makes us better at relationships.

Work related illnesses, a nature starved lifestyle (spending 95% of our time indoors or in a car) and touch hungry children are the norm today.  Offices are often devoid of sensory stimulation, stifling productivity, creativity and good business relationships.
Our visual senses increasingly overdose on information.  Our other senses have become marginalised over time, yet they are essential for our cognitive, neurological and physical development.

We track developments in neuro-science and understand why:Putting on our glasses at a noisy party can help you hear betterThe silver generation have deteriorating senses, bringing sensory challengesWomen generally tend to perform better than men on auditory tasks, while men often outperform women on visual tasksWayfinding and arriving in a productive mood is about far more than signageThe interaction of the senses is more critical than single sense stimulation.

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