Access Included

Access Included

Inclusive Design

  • Places people at the heart of the design process
  • Responds to human diversity and difference
  • Offers dignity, autonomy and choice
  • Provides for flexibility in use

Access Included works with clients to create inclusive environments in a cost effective and professional manner, realising the full potential of businesses and environments.

Intuitive buildings

We help create attractive, welcoming and intuitive buildings, without segregating people with varied requirements.  Our inclusive environments can simply be used by everyone, without stigma.

Valuable buildings

Inaccessible buildings are likely to be worth less, more difficult to let and use and less flexible.  We can audit your property portfolio to capture this value, maximising the use and value of buildings.

Increasing awareness

Everyone should be able to play a role in society without unnecessary obstacles.  Most obstacles are not created intentionally, just the result of a lack of awareness of the needs of a diverse population.  The stigma surrounding disability means that people are reluctant to highlight their needs.  Improving Access isn’t all about installing expensive ramps and lifts.  It may be as simple as a hint of colour, a larger font size on print, a few signs or a choice of doormat.  Understanding multi-sensory perception is key to create improvements.

Sustainability built in

When we create accessible, inclusive environments we build in sustainability.

Constant change

Our needs are constantly changing, and so must our environment.  We continually track and anticipate demographic developments such as the rapidly ageing UK population, with more people already aged over 45 than under.  These changes have a significant impact on creating sustainable buildings to last at least 100 years (current RIBA estimated minimum building life).

Understanding legislation

Legislation and guidance aims to include everyone equally.  If you appreciate the intention but find the detail difficult to follow, contact us to ask an Access Consultant  to quickly interpret the fine detail.

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