Access Included

Access Included

Access Consultants

  • Accessibility Manuals, including CDM file insertsStephen Hawking in office with Helen Kane
  • Access Audits, including walk and talk, checklist and narrative formats
  • Access Brochures  (describing accessibility benefits and potential obstacles)
  • Access group consultation
  • Access Policy consultation
  • Access Statements – Strategic, Planning, Design and Occupancy
  • Alternative formats
  • Cognitive and tactile mapping
  • Conference presentations
  • Consultation
  • Design Appraisals, including mixed use sites
  • Disability Equality Schemes, including reviews
  • Equality Impact Assessments / Analysis
  • Expert witness evidenceDiagram of the brain showing the functions of different areas, e.g. memory, sight, etcitonse
  • Inclusive design
  • Journalism
  • Mediation
  • Personal Emergency Egress Plans
  • Training, including Disability Equality and Toolboxtalks –
  • Wayfinding – including signage, symbols, movies and mapping

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