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Helen Kane FRICS NRAC Consultant


Helen has 30 years property experience in a variety of senior managerial positions in construction and property management, maintenance, policy and legal roles. Her experience spans public and private organisations, national surveying practices, large corporates, Local Authorities and Housing Associations in the UK and internationally.

Professional Qualifications

  • Fellow, Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors
  • Consultant, National Register of Access Consultants
  • BA (Honours) Housing


  • Global Companies
  • Residential, Retail, Leisure, Office, Restaurants, Stadia
  • Local Authorities, Housing Associations, Schools, Voluntary Organisations
  • Expert Witness evidence, Change Management and consultancy, Quality Assurance audits
  • Public speaking, training and journalism in access and Inclusive Design and the Landlord and Tenant relationship, including the Law Society, Employers Forum on Disability, NRAC, Mainstream property, retail and legal press
  • Instrumental in documenting the impact of Access legislation on property values


Debbie Allaire

A designer who acquired a physical disability and is passionate about inclusive design.photograph of debbie allaire Working in Access for over 10 years for the public, private and third sector, such as the City of London, London Borough of Tower Hamlets (LBTH), the Karos Community Trust and the Barbican Centre.

Key skills

Inclusive design advice ● Built environment – historic/current ● Urban design advice ● Sustainable design ● Research and reporting ● Communicating and motivating Organisational skills ●Teaching/training ● Events organising ● publicity production

Debbie has a very broad experience base from working on a wide variety of schemes ranging from very small scale to large, high profile projects; ranging from audits of existing buildings to appraisals of new-build and refurbishment proposals, including listed buildings. She has a particular interest in training; she works closely with colleagues and clients enabling them to gain an understanding and knowledge of the issues and barriers many people face. Never prescriptive she distils the essence of what statutory and best practice guidance actually means in space and/or equipment, while still enabling designers to create beautiful, well-thought out environments.


  • Member of Olympic Inclusive Design Panels (ODA)
  • Access officer roles in Corporation of London, Barbican Centre, LB Tower Hamlets
  • The whole Building Schools for the Future programme (BSF) in LBTH
  • Masterplan development, policy advice, CPD trainer, access group coordination
  • Advising the Karos Community Trust, a drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre
  • The Royal London Hospital, Crossrail, Qpark carparks

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