Housing – EHRC publishes guidance on human rights in social housing

The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) has published guidance on how human-rights law can help social-housing providers deliver a better service to tenants. The guide, named Human rights at home: Guidance for social housing providers, gives advice on how the Human Rights Act relates to issues such as the allocation of housing, the terms of tenancy agreements, repairs and maintenance, and anti-social behaviour. The EHRC has stressed that, while social housing providers are obliged to comply with the Human Rights Act in dealing with their tenants and others, the guidance makes it clear that this law does not give people a right to housing or prevent landlords from taking proportionate action if tenants do not pay their rent or engage in anti-social behaviour.

The guidance was developed with the input of an advisory group comprising social-housing providers, representative organisations of social-housing providers, the Government and relevant regulators.

To download the guidance, visit the EHRC website.

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