Simple and fresh solutions  

We promote diversity using neuroscience research to improve productivity and wellbeing and create adaptable environments.

Including Everyone              

 … is common sense to maximise custom. Improving business                                                 motivates organisations to change. We help businesses keep                                                 pace with everyone’s rapidly changing wants and needs.  People are central to our approach.  We see ‘can do’ first.

ʻLifetimeʼ buildings

We keep historic buildings alive by keeping them in use. We take the latest neuro-science research and apply multi-sensory  and Biophilic design. We monitor and research demographic change and scientific advances and adapt surroundings, without stigma, to accommodate everyone.

Inclusive Design Genius

We provide a responsive and personal service with elegant, contemporary and traditional inclusive design ideas.


We work with trusted collaborative partners and other professionals to add value.

All Sectors

We operate in a broad range of sectors, from major commercial, education, retail and residential developments to projects for individuals and communities; from Corporates to SME’s and offer outstanding service and value our clients.

Alternative formats always available

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